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Copyright and Intellectual Property Agreement
How we work with some professional writers and artists

This is an Agreement between ________________________ and Hearts and Minds Network, Inc. ("Hearts & Minds") on the Use of Intellectual Property.

Hearts & Minds, its partners and affiliated organizations all have my full permission to use 1) any writing by me 2) any image of me or my artworks and 3) any scans or photos taken of me or my artworks by a representative of Hearts & Minds. All of this is referred to in this document as my “authorized works”.

Written permission can be by postal mail, fax or e-mail.  Once I agree to this agreement, my full permission also can be assumed for any online content by me in a link I provide them, or anything I send (or attach with an email) to Hearts & Minds, unless I specifically state in the same email which works are not authorized.

I remain the copyright holder of all my authorized works but fully agree to the following conditions:

There is no payment or charge of any kind for this exposure of my authorized works that Hearts & Minds can provide. Hearts & Minds can give me a credit in any way that they judge appropriate. Hearts & Minds has my full and permanent permission to use my authorized works in any media now known or existing in the future.

For the purpose of copyright, I am the author and have the full rights to give permission for use of any of these authorized works. I take full responsibility to make sure Hearts & Minds has the permission of any other writers, artists, photographers or other copyright holders of any authorized works. I hold Hearts & Minds completely harmless from any disputes that result from third parties as a result of using my authorized works.

I waive the need to view any authorized works. Hearts & Minds will consider any requests to change or remove any of my authorized works when that can be done without great expense. Items already produced on paper, CDs, DVDs, tapes or other permanent media in preparation for production or already produced can continue to be distributed by Hearts & Minds.

Hearts & Minds may use any size or length excerpts of my authorized works. They also may make editing changes to my authorized works without my further permission. Hearts & Minds will consider any later changes I request, but reserves the right to decide when and if it will make those changes. I give Hearts & Minds full rights to adjust, resize, crop and any other adjustments they judge appropriate for my authorized works in their media.

Hearts & Minds also permanently reserves the right to cease its publication of any or all of my authorized works.

For authorized works where Hearts & Minds has a major role in creating or editing a new work of mine, Hearts & Minds still gives me permission to re-use the authorized works anywhere I choose, as long as I provide the following in easily readable type, at least 10 points in size:

Originally published by Hearts & Minds - Information for ChangeSM - www.change.net.

I HEREBY AFFIRM that I have the right to contract for this Agreement - www.heartsandminds.org/agreement.htm - in my own name. I carefully read the above Agreement prior to its execution. I had an opportunity to answer all of my questions and to fully consider this Agreement. I fully understand and agree to the contents thereof.

Signature: _________________________________ Date: __|__/__|__/0__

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