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Picture of two Mexican boys smilingHearts & Minds End Poverty Campaign logo links to more on how you can help END extreme hunger and poverty worldwidePoverty

Help End Hunger and Poverty Worldwide - a letter you can send to your elected representatives.

Facts on World Hunger and Poverty - a problem we can readily solve.

Children in Poverty - America's Ongoing War
       In the USA, an estimated 15 million children - one in four - live in poverty; many organizations work to help.

       A brief look at causes of homelessness, organizations that help, and what you can do.

Three Extraordinary Individuals
       An inside look at homelessness.

Sweatshops - Harsh Conditions Create Support for Reform
       A look at the growing movement to better conditions for thousands of workers.

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The Environment

Where will our environment policies take us?Seven Steps to Improve Your Environment and Quality of LIfe

Environmental Art for a New Generation - kids' art for the environment.

Much more environmental coverage

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Freedom and Democracy

US Capitol, where many important decisions are made How to Lobby Your Elected Representatives
       Proven ways to influence your elected representatives for meaningful changes.

Campaign Finance Reform
       We can make "the system" more responsive to our needs and what we care about.

Seven Steps to Make a Difference in Our Political System

Quick Guide - How to Make Your Voice Heard

Africa - Out of Despair, Hope
       Looking beyond media images of famine and war, an activist offers a fuller picture of Africa's great potential.

The Congo - world's deadliest conflict

The Congo - what can be done

The Congo - a letter you can use

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New:  War or Peace? -the conflict in Iran

Some Thoughts on Conflict Resolution

How to Peacefully Resolve Conflicts - proven techniques for individual, local and global conflicts

Iraq and Afghanistan - How to Win the Peace

New:  The Congo - world's deadliest conflict

New:  The Congo - what can be done

New:  The Congo - a letter you can use

Anti-Terrorism Links  |  Responses to Terrorism

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Wise Giving to Charities
       Ten ways to help ensure your donations are used well, by a leading advocate of effective giving.  Also - A Donor Bill of Rights

The Effects of 9/11 on Non-Profits

The Changing Role of Charities
       An insider's view from one of our nation's foremost charity watchdogs.

Volunteering - an alliance that helps everyone involved.

Volunteerism in America and Japan
       A look into American volunteerism as opposed to volunteerism in Japan by a Japanese journalist and college professor.

Promoting Volunteerism
       Ideas for promoting volunteerism in Japan, the United States and all over the world.

Ten Steps to Improve Your Community

Seven Steps to Become an Effective Volunteer

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The Elderly

Survivors - The Need for Nursing Home Reform

Housing for the Elderly


Tolerance, Human Rights and Justice

       Racial profiling, prison reform and prison system abuses

       The importance and advantages of racial and ethnic harmony

Jackie Robinson and Racism: A 1947 Brooklyn Kid's-Eye View
       Even adults can learn something valuable from a kid too naive to be racist.

What's Wrong With Prisons?

An Example of Christian-Jewish Dialogue
       To help transcend centuries of mistrust.

Listen and Be Heard - Conflict at an Anti-Abortion Demonstration
       Thoughts on extremism, communication and working together.

Life with Cerebral Palsy
       A first-hand account on how to relate better with physically challenged individuals.

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