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Example of a Sweat Letter

[Your address: letterhead if available]

[Date of letter]

state & zip code

Dear __________ :

I am very disturbed to learn that [specify name of company's clothes are made in sweatshops. As a [describe yourself] and a consumer, I don't want to buy clothes made under sweatshop conditions.

[if true:] I am aware that you make great profits from the sale of your clothing, while the people who sew those clothes must struggle to survive and support their families.

Kathie Lee Gifford accepted responsibility for sweatshop conditions in the shops making her clothes. I hope that you will take responsibility to pay decent wages and benefits to the workers who sew your clothes.

Please tell me what you plan to do to eliminate sweatshop conditions in [name of company] factories.


[Your Signature]

[Your Name]

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