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Saving Our Water Resources
Ways you can help

Congress passes laws to combat water pollution, but bureaucracy cannot solve theAn unpolluted freshwater stream whole problem. Protecting water resources is the responsibility of every water user. You can help in many ways:

Get familiar with local water resources. You can learn safe ways to dispose harmful household wastes, so they won’t end up in sewage treatment plants that cannot handle them or in landfills not designed to receive hazardous materials.

Preserve existing trees and shrubs. You can keep your property attractive by planting new greenery. This prevents soil erosion and reduces run-off because the soil retains water longer.

An ideal lawn landscape with lots of trees and shrubs that help keep water clean


Try to limit chemical fertilizers, pesticides and chemical weed-killers in your yard. There are readily available, eco-friendly alternatives such as grass clippings and biodegradable pesticides and weed-killers. Trash from landfills like this seep into groundwater polluting our drinking water


Avoid purchasing heavily packaged products in cartons, boxes, bottles, etc. Their polluting dyes seep into groundwater in landfills.

Recycle to reduce trash at municipal landfills.

Conserve water by turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, taking quicker showers, and flushing toilets less often.

Informative National and NYC-Area water conservation sites.

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by Felicia C. Daniels, Hearts & Minds intern
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