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How You Benefit from Helping Others

Helping people can make your life much better, too - in many ways. This includes a beautiful sense of meaning and fulfillment. Whether we realize it or not, deep down we humans crave a connection with something much larger than ourselves.

Our families and local communities are important. Our well being is closely tied to the state of our nation. It's good that we can find great satisfaction in these connections. But deep down we crave something even larger. That's good, because our local well being now depends on what's happening all around the globe.

When we connect with millions of people all over the world, our satisfaction grows still more. Such a connection can seem abstract. But as we learn how interconnected we are, as we open to feeling our essential links with all our fellow human beings, we open ourselves to a source of very great fulfillment.

That's certainly true for me. And I know it can be for you, if it isn't already.

It's good to do good
We want to do good. Studies show that selfish people, thought hey may get rich, are usually much less happy than more giving individuals.

In helping others, we learn many valuable things about ourselves and others. The more we know about our world, the better we can become an active, vital part of it.

We cannot be isolationists
In this age of instant communication, when we can quickly reach just about anywhere on earth, with terrorism is on the rise, potentially with weapons of mass destruction, with global warming threatening everyone everywhere, we have to face the fact that we're all in this together.

You can help create a more secure, better life for you, your family, community and the entire world.

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How to Cure the Most Deadly, Formerly So-Called Incurable "Disease"

The truly deadly "disease" is not caused by germs. It is not automatically inherited. It's simply that people do not fully realize their potential to make very positive changes in their own lives and for the whole world. Without this disease, we wouldn't have 850 million people going hungry, we wouldn't have two billion in poverty, we wouldn't have global warming...

Inspiration and information can start the cure. Hearts & Minds is dedicated to helping you heal yourself and your world much more effectively.

Here's many good ways to Help Yourself.

A very good way to help others is our Global Survival Campaign with easy, effective actions you can do right now!

Stay tuned and we'll show you much more.

Previous blog entry: Social Justice is our Best Defense  |  Earlier blog entries

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