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Thanks to Our Donors

Hearts and Minds is raising funds to expand our services. Thanks to our donors, helping provide "Inspiration for Change":

Donor Recognition Levels*
Philanthropists: $2500 and up

Benefactors: $1,000 - 2499
Dave Peterson

Sponsors: $500 - 999
John Follis Advertising**

Contributors: $100 - 499
Daniel Borochoff, Ed Fausty, Drs. Gerald and Mona Greenfield, John Edmark, Peter Kramer Ph.D., Dr. Stephen L. Gordon

Friends: $50 - 99
Bill Saffran and Patricia Namm for Brandy Parfums, Loren & Bill Howley

Members: $25 - 49
Adelle and John Striker

Student/Low Income: $15 - 24

Up to $24
Tony Ambrose

More info on Membership/Donations.

*For our fiscal year ending April 30, 1999. Includes pledges.
**Donated furniture and office supplies.

Thanks also to God and our Staff & Volunteers.

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