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The Great Value of Educating All the World's Children
A letter you can send

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Dear (your elected representatives):

A life without education is a shadow of its potential. Even one such life is a loss. For 115 million school age children worldwide, the results can be tragic.

But you and I have the power to change this.

Education gives children the basic skills for a better life. As our global economy grows increasingly information-centered, education is more important than ever. Without education, children face a grim future with no opportunities to get a decent job or lift themselves from poverty.

Diogenes Laertius said, “The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” Education creates informed citizens who actively add to their communities, strengthen their economies and build democracies.

How education helps countries 
Lack of education is a major cause of poverty and war. Uneducated children can be dangerous because they’re easier to recruit for criminal gangs, guerrilla armies and terrorist organizations.

Each time a child gets an education, many people benefit.

We urge you to support:

- The End Poverty Campaign Goals so children won’t need to work.

- Providing funding for more teachers – some estimate we will need an extra 15-35 million more teachers before every child has access to an education.

- Improving quality of education.

- Making education cheaper for families, having a bigger budget for basic education, and putting schools serving the most disadvantaged groups first.

- Giving more debt relief for basic education.

Every child has something to offer. When they get an education, our world is richer, too. Education for all children is an integral part of our End Global Poverty campaign. (http://change.net/poverty/index.htm).

This issue is very important to me and many others I am actively speaking with. I would like to tell everyone that you fully support a basic education for all children.

Please let me know, now, when and how you are actively supporting all these programs. What specific legislation are you co-sponsoring and when will you bring it out of committee for a vote by the full Congress?

We the people want to know: Will you work with us now to help create a much better world?

Thank you.

[your name]

See also Learning to End Poverty

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by Katie Lusk, Hearts & Minds intern
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