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Sustainability: Our Environment
For us and our children's children

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Global Survival Campaign
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We can change the world - and we need to do it now - more than ever!
From now into the next few decades: Billions of lives - including ours - and all future generations are at stake...

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We - and our children's children - can enjoy unspoiled nature

Logo for Our World - Our Future: Youth For Change links to information about the programHearts & Minds Programs
Our World/Our Future - Youth for Change
SM -  young people create artwork sharing their concerns about the environment and other important issues

The Dark Side of Biofuels - not as "green" as once thought

Global Warming - its dangers and what we can do about it

Global Warming Facts and Stats

Saving Our Sacred Lands - preserving the environment that sustains us


Farmland Use

The Inhumane World of Farm Animals - changing the way we treat our friends

Help Us Help the Helpless - animal testing and abuse

Species Loss
- what it is, how it happens and its effects on us

Down the Drain - the dangers threatening our drinking water

Environmental Art for a New Generation - kids' art for the environment

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What You Can Do
Global Warming - an easy way to lobby for positive change

Saving our Water Resources - ways you can help

Creative Ideas for the Environment

Humane Treatment of Farm Animals - a letter you can send

Protect the Rainforests - a letter you can send

Seven Steps to a More Sustainable Home

Seven Steps to Improve Your Environment and Quality of Life

Species Loss - what you can do about

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Links to Other OrganizationsIMSIfallbarn.jpg (70221 bytes)
Environment - a wide range of ways to help

Responsible Business - use your spending and investments to "vote" for sustainable, humane business practices

Materialism and Voluntary Simplicity - how to have less impact upon our environment, with more time and energy to find fulfillment

Animal Cruelty Links

Water links - Nationwide links to facts, statistics and conservation info

New York Water links - NYC metro-area links to facts statistics and conservation info

Environmental Fun For Kids - Kid-friendly sites on the environment

Recycling Resources

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