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Dear (your elected representatives):

Rainforests are one of our planet’s oldest, continuous ecosystems, up to million years old. Along with our oceans, they are the greatest source of the air we breathe. Rainforests provide nearly 40% of the medicines we use and have the potential to provide even more. Rainforests house two thirds of all living species.

Rapid destruction
Each year, an area almost twice the size of Florida disappears. The depletion of this valuable resource is of great concern. I ask that you explore all possible solutions, including the ones I've listed below. Here's ways that you can help prevent further destruction:

Create incentives for the public to buy more renewable woods certified for sustainable forest practices.

Provide educational and financial opportunities for poor people who are forced to destroy rainforest land in order to survive.

Provided foreign aid incentives for nations to restrict use of rainforests for unsustainable cattle ranching.

Programs that provide more fuel efficient appliances and more efficient, inexpensive sources of energy, so people do not need to cut down forests for firewood.

Limit mining and industrial projects in these sensitive regions to prevent land loss as well as air and water pollution.

Grant additional foreign aid to countries with rainforests to help establish a sustainable tourism industry, giving local people an alternative to destructive farming practices.

Please let me know the specific ways that you support these and other solutions. Thank you.


(your name)

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by Christina Grammenos.
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