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Species Loss
What it is, how it happens and its effects on us

Species loss - extinction - happens when animals and plants cannot survive changes in their habitat. This can be caused by natural or human factors. Extinction is a natural process.

It typically takes a species about 10 million years to become extinct. Some species survive for hundreds of millions of years; others vanish quickly.  However, due to human interference, sDon't make the pollution to destroy our globepecies now face extinction at an alarming rate.

Chemicals make a lot of pollution for our globe

Several factors lead to extinction:

Habitat Destruction
Habitats have always changed. Species often adapt if the changes happen naturally. Damage to our environment brings changes that are too fast and harmful for species to survive.

Due to trade of animal parts and use of exotic woods, many species continue to suffer from exploitation. For example, demands for rhino horns and tiger bones in several parts of Asia have nearly wiped out rhino and tiger populations.

Introduction of Exotic Species
When non-native species are introduced, the delicate ecosystem is thrown off.
Competition for resources may lead to the extinction of certain species.

If a species does not have natural genetic protection, an introduced disease can destroy its population.

This is one of the surest ways to damage a habitat. It leads to extinction of many animal and plant species.

A diversity of plants and animals are needed to maintain a healthy planet. When species are in danger, it shows that the health of vital ecosystems is in danger. We depend on nature for clean air, water, food, and medicines. We must realize that by saving species from extinction, we are saving our environment - and ourselves.

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 by Maya Maya Ghannoum, Christina Grammenos and other Hearts & Minds volunteers
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