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We sponsor the Joy of Change Meetup - to help empower you for more joy, meaning and progress in your life and world. For more info on the group and upcoming events, click on link above!

Events in New York City include:

  • Creative writing for self empowering...
  • Art by, about and for you!
  • Conversation...
  • Urban and inner exploration... and fun!

If you have questions or would like to come to our events, you can call us during business hours at 1-212-280-0333. Call 1-646-580-9881, if you wish to reach us during an event.

Photo of Hearts & Minds volunteers and friends at a picnic

Hearts & Minds volunteers and friends at a previous picnic.

Other events will be scheduled, but our main focus for now is our new website, social media, preparing for upcoming work in Haiti and other important priorities to serve you better.

Past Events:
2014, 20122011, Spring 2010, Autumn 2009, Spring 2009, Winter 2009, Autumn 2008

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