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Personal Note from Our President
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Dear Friend,

       Together, we can help millions of people create a more sustainable and more just world.

The biggest issue of all
       Toward this goal, Hearts & Minds works on many important issues, including poverty, racism, addictions, and the environment.

       More importantly, Hearts & Minds tackles an even bigger issue behind all the other ones; one that involves millions of people who are apathetic, cynical, or unaware.  Helping these people realize how much they can contribute to the pressing needs in our communities and world. Getting them involved can contribute greatly to the achievement of our goal.

The power of communication
      Each day, Hearts & Minds reaches more than 6,500 people in New York City, nationwide in the USA and around the world. Through our large and growing website, publicity campaigns and upcoming printed publications, we're working to reach millions more people and motivate them to get actively involved.

       Communication works. In America, people are moved by what they read, hear and see. More than $276 billion was spent on advertising in 2005* and sophisticated corporations can spend more than $100 million advertising a single product.
       *Total advertising expenditures by companies and individuals in the USA. Source: Robert Coen's Universal McCann's Insider's Report-December 2005

       Hearts & Minds staff and volunteers have worked on many successful campaigns. Our skills in advertising, publicity, marketing, non-profit and business management have helped motivate people in many ways to make a difference.

       And this may be the most important campaign of our lives...

       The basic message: Each individual has untapped power to make things better. For growing numbers of people, Hearts & Minds shows effective ways to do so. 

Promoting dialogue, tolerance and understanding
       With journalism and creativity, we educate, inspire, and involve. We encourage people to think deeply about their role in solving problems and promoting inquiry, discussion and involvement as the keys to positive change.

       Instead of "us vs. them," we work to bring people together - exploring what can be done by our elected representatives, nonprofits, congregations, communities, and individuals.

Practical information
       This includes:

  • Coverage of poverty, the environment, democracy, addictions, and other important issues
  • Information on more than 600 effective organizations addressing the issues
  • Ways to make volunteering and donations more fulfilling and effective
  • Methods to preserve and revitalize our democracy
  • More than 300 sources of help for a wide range of physical and emotional challenges

       Our growing website provides resources, links, and practical advice on how people can get involved in a wide range of issues.

  • Total visitors to site so far is over 7,000,000
  • More than 18,000 web pages
  • Total web pages downloaded by visitors is over 32 million
  • Being translated into 10 other languages, reaching people all over the world
  • Links to more than 900 other organizations

A wide range of communications
       We are adding:

  • More issues and organizations to our website
  • Electronic bulletin boards and chat rooms to facilitate sharing ideas and dialogue on a wide range of issues
  • Nationwide publicity efforts to reach millions of people
  • Printed publications

Great potential
       Our long term goals:

  • Expand coverage of each issue
  • List and evaluate more ways to get involved
  • Provide more volunteering information for NYC, each region of the USA and worldwide
  • Distribute self-help resources and information to those in need

What we will need:

  • Internet capacity for the growing volume of visitors to our website
  • Additional, paid staff to expand services (we are currently all volunteers)
  • A larger office
  • More computers, office equipment and supplies

Summary - in human terms
       Our coverage moves people to action. This helps feed the hungry, house the homeless, protect our environment, revitalize our democracy, and address many other issues facing our communities and society.

       With your help we can accomplish so much more. It's easy to donate now. Thanks,


       Bill Blackman


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A small amount goes a long way

Our Staff and Volunteers
       Our governing board has extensive experience in nonprofit and business management, marketing and communications. All governing board members serve without compensation.

       Our volunteers provide a wide range of additional expertise in marketing, advertising, publicity, non-profit and business management, writing, photography, illustration, design, the Internet, computers and more.

How we increase our efficiency
       Hearts & Minds uses donated goods and services whenever practical. For all our other necessities, we strive for the best price.

       We work as efficiently as possible - so your donations go further.

       Hearts & Minds Network is incorporated in New York State as a charitable, public-service not-for-profit. Donations are tax deductible, as recognized by IRS 501(c)(3).

It's easy to donate now. Thanks.


Hearts and Minds "Lightbulb" logo links to our home pageREPLY FORM

       We work to help you increase your positive impact in the world. Our mission is to inspire, inform and empower millions of people.

Your support helps Hearts & Minds:

  • Address important issues facing our communities and society
  • Provide information on where and how to volunteer more effectively
  • Promote effective contributions to charities
  • Increase donations and volunteering for many worthwhile organizations
  • Help more than 5,000 people each day find greater fulfillment through increasingly valuable contributions to society
  • Publicize resources for people with a wide range of psychological and physical challenges
  • Allow the formerly homeless and others to communicate their experiences- humanizing the problems and inspiring others to take action.

Members receive all the following:

  • Free copies of upcoming Hearts & Minds printed publications, including inspiring articles and practical information that make your donations and volunteering more effective
  • Members-only events
  • Monthly e-mails of our Joy of Change newsletter and information on upcoming activities
  • The satisfaction of helping hundreds of thousands of people
Donor Recognition Levels*
       All these include membership, free copies of Hearts & Minds printed publications and other benefits.

Philanthropist            $2500
Benefactor                $1000
Sponsor                    $ 500
Contributor                 $100
Friend                          $50
Member                       $25
Student/Low Income     $15

       *For donations made in a calendar year.

It's easy to donate on-line now. Thanks.

To reply by mail:

Please detach and keep this portion for your records. Amount given: $__________ on ___/___ /200__.  Pledged to give a total of $__________ by December 31, 200__.

detach here:
Donation Hearts & Minds Network helps people help themselves and others. To support this work, I wish to give: $_________ now and pledge to give a total of $__________ by December 31, 200__.

Please do not send cash. Make checks payable to Hearts and Minds Network, Inc.

Additional Ways to Support Hearts & Minds


Please contact me with information on how I can help. (Check any you are interested in.):

___ Writing, editing, or designing Hearts & Minds website and/or printed publications

___ Fund raising     ___ Marketing or publicity

___ Legal advice     ___ Accounting or bookkeeping

___ Other ________________________________________

Please give us your phone number: (|_|_|_|)|_|_|_|-|_|_|_|_|

E-mail |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|.|_|_|_|_|

Address ______________________________

Street ___________________________ Apt. |_|_|_|_|

City _______________________ State |_|_|  Zip Code |_|_|_|_|_|

It's easy to donate online now. Thanks.

For more info:

Hearts & Minds Network
165 W. 105th Street
New York, New York 10025

[email protected]
Phone: 212.280.0333

Hearts & Minds may provide your address to other companies and organizations that could interest you. Check here if you do not want to be included: |_|

Thanks for helping us help others

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Personal Note from Our President
More Info for Donors
It's easy to donate now

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