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We can change the world - and we need to do it now - more than ever!
From now into the next few decades: Billions of lives - including ours - and all future generations are at stake...

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What We Need to Do

Let's communicate more with Muslims - every chance we get

War or Peace? - the conflict with Iran

Iraq and Afghanistan - How to Win the Peace

The Most Effective Ways to Stop Terrorism
Spread the Word - The Message in E-mail Form
A Longer Letter You Can Send

Campaign for Arab-Israeli Peace

Quick Guide - How to Effectively Influence the Press, the Public and Our Elected Representatives

More on Effective Lobbying

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World Trade Center burning on September 11, 2001 (5606 bytes)

More Organizations and Resources
Anti-Terrorism Links

Arab-Israeli Links

Give/Get Help for Individuals
Anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress

Get Help - Mental Health Links

Thought-provoking Quotes on Terrorism and Force

NYC Recovers - healing ideas for adults, children and communities in NYC and worldwide

Donation Info - for terror and disaster victims in the USA & worldwide

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Link to more info about 9/11/02: Ayaris shows her poster for the 9/11 Anniversary "Decorate the City" campaign In Memory of September 11, 2001

In Memory of September 11, 2001 - The lessons of hindsight

How We can Really Win this War - Towards 20-20 foresight - and a real, lasting victory

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Additional Ideas
Decorate the City - responding to terror-related anxieties in artistic and inspiring way

Examples of Posters by NYC Kids

The Effects of 9/11 on Non-Profits

GZ - a poem about Ground Zero

Bomb Them with Butter, Bribe Them with Hope

The Dangers of Violence

Freedom and Peace Have a Price

Free Newsletter

More Articles on Social Issues
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