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URGENT International Campaign
For the Most Effective Ways to Stop Terrorism

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WWW.CHANGE.NET has a global campaign to stop terrorism at the roots. It starts where hundreds of millions of people live in poverty, totalitarianism and ignorance. These are relatively subtle - but extremely damaging - forms of terrorism.

Also, denying people opportunities to work, thrive and express themselves in a free society leads to frustration, fanaticism and terrorism. Kleptocracies where most of the public services come from extremist Muslim groups further encourage people to believe fanatical ideologies of hate.

Hearts & Minds, an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization, urges the press and government leaders to support:

- Well-targeted efforts that forcefully stop the terrorists while minimizing civilian casualties that can escalate the conflict ;

- Pressure on Muslim countries to stop propaganda that encourages atrocities by fanatical Muslims and feeds fanatical hatred of the West; 

- Pressure on the leaders of these nations to address the widespread social injustices that produce fanaticism; and

- A large scale, well managed aid plan that, like the Marshall Plan, provides alternatives to totalitarianism. It can be paid for by the West AND the Islamic oil states.

We also need much more effective communication with the Muslim world. Our communication efforts should include extensive, meaningful, ongoing use of the media in Muslim countries and worldwide. We need to grant more interviews with our highest ranking government officials on Al Jazeera and other popular Arab-language cable networks.

We need to point out who really threatens the well being of Muslims everywhere. It is gross and very dangerous incompetence on our part that Osama bin-Laden and other terrorists are still growing in popularity while they praise Muslim-killers in Iraq, Sudan and elsewhere.

All of this can strengthen our worldwide message for peace, deny terrorists reasons for and sources of further recruits, and encourage Muslims to help us stop them.


Bill Blackman, founder/president, and Hearts & Minds Network volunteers.

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