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Before Your Info Session
A very helpful checklist

Below is important information. Please read it completely before your info session. Thank you!

What you need to know before attending an info session
Please read carefully:

  • You will meet with Bill Blackman, the president of Hearts & Minds. He will talk with you about the organization, how volunteering works, your areas of interest and skills you'd like to improve. He is happy to answer your questions. The info session usually takes about an hour.

  • We are an all-volunteer organization. All positions are unpaid. We provide other benefits.

  • A few work study programs require substantial money contributions from us to another nonprofit. We unfortunately do not have the budget for this. These volunteers may raise their own matching funds. If this applies to you, you can ask your school how this works, and you're also welcome to contact us with your questions.

For specific volunteer activities

  • We are currently doing a thorough evaluation of our work. Our activities are subject to change.

  • We do not accept all applicants. Some programs are not very active at this time. If you have any questions, you can ask before coming in.

  • If you’re interested in art, photography, writing, graphic design or website development, please bring links to your web pages or samples of your work. We don’t need to keep your work, just to take a look. If you're not interested in these areas, none of this is required.

Additional, important info:

  • We're officially open for volunteers 1 PM - 6 PM Mondays, 10 AM - 6 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 10 AM - 3 PM Fridays. Substantial additional hours including evenings and weekends may be available for selected volunteers.

  • Volunteering outside our office: Some types of volunteer work can be done remotely. This includes starting local chapters of the End Poverty Campaign. For this, we would ask you to call and actively recruit people.
    Experienced website developers/programmers also can work outside our office.
    If you are interested in volunteering outside our office, please
    contact us.

  • Info sessions are held in our office most Tuesdays at 3:00 PM. This is subject to change, so we strongly recommend you confirm in advance. You can also participate by phone or Skype*. If you can’t make our regular time, we can arrange an alternative.
    *Our Skype is: greatchange 

  • Please call us if you're unable to attend when you scheduled.

What to wear and bring:

  • Please bring the original and a copy (black and white is fine) of your government-issued photo ID such as your driver’s license or passport. Please also bring proof of your current address. This can be the original and a copy of your most recent phone, electric or similar bill.
    We require these things to be sure all our volunteers are who they say they are, for everyone's safety. We keep the copies in a secure place, but we still suggest you do not bring anything that includes your social security number or credit card info.

  • If you are under 18, your student photo ID is acceptable. We will need to see a copy of a parent or legal guardian’s ID and their most recent bill as explained in the bullet point just above. We accept volunteers under 14 years of age only if accompanied by a parent or guardian each time they volunteer here.

  • Please bring a resume if available.

  • You can dress casually. Jeans or shorts and sneakers or sandals are fine. (Clothing required. : ) Please do not ever visit our offices in sexually provocative clothing such as very short shorts, sagger pants, etc.

  • Even if you know the city well, we recommend you print out and bring directions to our office. When you arrive here, please use the intercom phone on the right front doorpost. Our extension number is listed there.

We look forward to meeting you!

Please note: Everyone who volunteers at our office is required to sign our Volunteer and Intern Introduction and Agreement before working with us. This is usually done during the info session, so you have a chance to ask questions, but you can email or call and ask to speak to Bill Blackman about it in advance, as well.

Here's a brief Copyright Agreement we make with some professional writers and artists who allow us to publish their work.

More detailed volunteer Info
An additional helpful page on volunteering.

You can apply now!

For other messages or questions, you can also Contact Us,

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