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       I was a recent immigrant in 2009 when Hearts & Minds made a huge difference in my life.
       I barely had any experience in the United States since I came in 2007. After being a full time volunteer for three months, I stood out among the other applicants for an accounting position. I got the job, and three months later I was offered a full-time position with benefits and vacation time. My work with the company is going very well for two years now.
       Additionally, during my time at Hearts & Minds I made new friends from all over the world, and I am truly touched by all the people who selflessly contribute to the End Poverty Campaign.
       - Katerina Ogneva-Dobryanskaya

       I love that everything we do is organized and run by volunteers. It allows every member a chance to contribute in the most personally satisfying (and useful) way. We are awesome.
       - Mark Van Hare

       I felt like an important part of the organization, as if my input truly affected decision making. The mission should inspire all of us to get involved more in our communities.
       - Tamara R., Carnegie Mellon University

       Hearts & Minds helps others realize they have potential within themselves to change and help others change as well.
       - Leah Cheng, Baruch College CUNY

       I like the Hearts & Minds mission. It’s an original idea but a basic one, too.
       - Liz Hoffman, high school student, New York City

       This organization can be very beneficial to people who are interested in volunteering. It can also help others become interested in volunteering.
       - Marissa C., University of Wisconsin, Madison

       I like the fact that people are taking their own time to help with the Web site and magazine. And I also like the fact that we’re helping others help others. I've enjoyed my stay here at Hearts & Minds and hope that the network expands in the future.
       - Brian Petersen, SUNY New Paltz

       This is needed to help give people a push in the right direction, helping them get involved. It will be exciting and fulfilling, when this organization takes off, to know that I was a part of its beginning stages and that I helped make it happen.
       I thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I enjoyed working here and I know all the skills that I gained here will help me in the future.
       - Stephanie Prager, Lehigh University

       What most attracted me to Hearts & Minds was its vision. A non-profit organization that utilizes marketing for social good - a pretty brave and worthy mission, don't you think?
       One of the best things about Hearts & Minds is it's both young and innovative. This allows an intern to make an impact. This is a place where your ideas are valuable and welcomed.
       It’s both refreshing and inspiring to be part of an environment where people really care about what they're doing.
       - Janet Lee, Wharton      More from Janet

       I like the goals and the mission of Hearts & Minds and I like what it’s working to accomplish. It’s nice to know there are organizations around like this.
       I hope I have greatly helped Hearts & Minds. They have helped me - not only with learning and job experience, but with making myself a better person.
       Hearts & Minds makes me feel useful and really takes into consideration my ideas and comments. Knowing that I am helping such a great cause really makes me feel better about myself.
       I feel that I had a great experience. I definitely plan to work here again. Thank you for the opportunity.
       - Shelby Wood, University of Maryland

       Thank you for allowing me to intern for Hearts & Minds this summer. Not only did I learn a lot of useful skills but I really believe in what this organization stands for.
       I greatly respect the efforts you are making to effect change in the world. As promised, I have been spreading the word about Hearts & Minds around campus.
       - Tara Cremin, Ithaca, NY

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