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Hearts & Minds - - is an all-volunteer, non-partisan, non-profit information clearinghouse helping to make volunteering and self help more accessible, fulfilling and effective. We address poverty, the environment, addictions, racism, human rights and other important issues. You can work with us to counter apathy and foster public involvement in New York City, nationwide and all over the world.

Mass Communication
We work to reach as many people as possible, directing each person to the most effective resources to help themselves and others. We do this with our website, End Poverty CampaignSM, national publicity efforts and more. 

Work directly with our Founder and President, Bill Blackman, who will share with you his wide range of experience in public service, management, marketing, communications, writing and editing in a wide range of activities.

We are currently a volunteer organization. Positions are unpaid. We do not provide housing, though helpful suggestions are available.

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