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Charities/Nonprofit Info
- opportunities, links and resources

Effective Donations - can help you give wisely

Donating Old Computers new homes for discarded digitalia

Resources for Nonprofits - to help your work be more effective

Help for Nonprofits (nongovernmental organizations) that work on the full range of important issues

We have our planet Earth in our hands - a photo representationTop of Page

Hearts & Minds End Poverty Campaign logo links to more on how you can help END extreme hunger and poverty worldwideWorld Hunger and Poverty - you can support innovative, effective programs. Specifically for Africa

Child Poverty - from one-on-one mentoring to national programs for millions of children across the USA

Homelessness - groups, resources and ideas

Relief for Refugees, Victims of Disasters and Armed Conflicts

Sweatshops - to address horrible working conditions

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West shore of Hudson River, just south of Bear MountainEnvironment - a wide range of ways to help

Environmental Fun For Kids - Kid-friendly sites on the environment

Recycling Resources

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Democracy, Peace and Conflict
New:  War or Peace?
-the conflict in Iran

Lobbying - for political change

Responses to Terrorism - a range of ways to educate yourself and get involved

Arab-Israeli Links - for peace with justice and mercy

Africa - help promote freedom and democracy for millions of people

Campaign Reform - make our democracy work for us

Democracy and Peace in Africa

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Racism, Human Rights & Justice
TALphonetap.jpg (100348 bytes)Groups against Racism - promoting understanding, tolerance and opportunity for all

Human Rights - speaking up for freedom

Immigrants - rights and advocacy


Prisons - help advance badly needed reforms

Women's Issues - resources for women

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Labor, Responsible Business & Materialism
IMSIfirefighter.JPG (59339 bytes)Labor Issues - links to info and action

Sweatshops - better conditions for thousands of workers

Responsible Business - use your spending and investments to "vote" for sustainable, humane business practices

Materialism and Voluntary Simplicity - how to reduce impact on our environment and still find fulfillment, time and energy

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Drugs - links to education, resources and prevention

Latin America - links to many websites and organizations working for social justice, development and cultural understanding: Human Rights & Peace  |  Social Development  |  Culture  |  Internet Networks

See also: Complete List of Social Issues  |  Groups that Specialize

Hearts & Minds End Poverty Campaign logo links to more on how you can help END extreme hunger and poverty worldwideFree Newsletter  |  Blog
Global Survival  |  End Poverty CampaignSM

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