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Our Mission and Core Values
For a better world

We work to help make the world more sustainable, just, peaceful and beautiful now and for all future generations.

Specifically, our main goal is to help end extreme global poverty much more quickly and cost effectively with programs that get to the roots of this major challenge. We work to accomplish this through public education, advocacy and lobbying in the United States and eventually in other wealthy nations.

We will also work to create and expand exemplary direct service projects overseas, empowering some of the world’s poorest people to lift themselves from extreme poverty.

We will treat all people as we would like to be treated, working in a very open, generous, fully honest and exemplary way, free of equivocation or other questionable practices.

We strive to do all our work by empowering the public and our all-volunteer staff, providing them with educational and vocational opportunities in our local, national and global communities – that all our work can also help improve communication and understanding between individuals, cultures, religions and nations.

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