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We're excited to have you visit our site and hope you will join us in working to help as many people as possible - including you!

We're proud of the many millions of people we've reached so far, but we've still got many more people to empower with our message:

You Can Change the World - Here's HowSM.

It's a revolutionary message - nonviolent but very radical in a calm, fulfilling way.

There's no known limit to how much we can help individuals, society and our entire planet through mass communications. Toward this goal, we're always seeking to provide as much valuable, inspiring and life-changing information as we can.

So far this includes:

  • The Global Survival CampaignSM, started in September 2006 to even more directly address terrorism, poverty and the environment. Any one of these issues could threaten the lives of billions of people and all future generations. Our growing campaign works to inspire, educate and empower the public. We the people can powerfully advocate the most effective solutions.

  • Arts for the Change. We're building the Youth for ChangeSM and Seniors for ChangeSM programs. Kids, teens and seniors create artworks to raise awareness of the environment, poverty and other important issues worldwide.
  • Relief for war-torn areas and victims of natural disasters. Help provide relief wherever it is needed.
  • Multilingual Translations. To help people all over our small world, we’ve translated parts of our website into 10 other languages: Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. We're seeking additional volunteer translators for these and other languages. Let us know if you are interested.
  • Website Renovation. Our volunteers are revamping our website. The new design will be more interactive, easier to use, and help us better communicate just how much fulfillment and satisfaction individuals can find helping themselves and others. You can see a sample. This is for testing only. For now, helpful info should still be accessed through our main site, www.change.net.
  • ...and many other other ways to volunteer or help Hearts & Minds.

On  top of all this, we provide valuable training and experience to hundreds of volunteers from a full range of socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. If you'd like more info or to join us, let us know. You can get involved from anywhere in the world.

Funds to Grow With
Hearts & Minds needs funds to expand our work.

Thanks to hundreds of volunteers since we started, Hearts & Minds has already helped millions of people. But we're not satisfied yet. (There are still 6 billion more people we plan to reach.)

Any questions? Just ask - we’re here to help!

Thanks for your interest,

Bill Blackman
Founder & President


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