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Winter 2007 Newsletter
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Photo of Conservatory greenhouse at the New York Botanical Gardens

Photo of a path inside a greenhouse where plants can flourish even during winterWith care, great things can grow, even in winter. Above: Conservatory built in 1901 at the New York Botanical Gardens, Bronx, New York City
Left: Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania

Help Others
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In this issue, we're giving special attention to our growing Global Survival CampaignSM on Poverty, Terrorism, and the Environment. It has a very important message:

We can change the world - and we need to do it now - more than ever! From now into the next few decades: Billions of lives - including ours - and all future generations are at stake.

Picture of man in ski hat looking determinedWith thought and determination, we can all help end global poverty

For now, our main focus is on ways We Can End Global Hunger and Poverty - Readily achievable by matching the Marshall Plan* - a letter you can send to your elected representatives.
*Based on percentage of GDP (total income) in all the develop nations

And here's More on Poverty.

Help Yourself
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For now, we're focusing most of our energy on the End Poverty campaign, but you can also find plenty of self-help info here. We recently re-designed that page to make it even easier for you to find all kinds of inspiration and help. You might also like our section on very helpful Books.

Older hooded woman with young manNo matter how cold and wintry the weather may be, people of all ages can make a difference in their own lives and many others

What's New Here:
More Hearts & Minds News.

And for more frequent updates: Hearts & Minds' Blog - Personal thoughts on Hearts & Minds, our growing Global Survival Campaign, and how to change the world. A first-hand story how we're starting something of perhaps unlimited potential, unfolding as you read it.

Next issue online March 15, 2007: Ongoing developments in the Campaign to End Poverty and more

Happy young coupleHelping others can also bring you happiness

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Photo of hanging basket of globe-shaped plant with white flowers in Longwood Gardens Conservatory

Positive change can flourish all around the globe, even in winter

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