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Festive holiday decorations brighten up trees against the snowWinter is an inspiring time to resolve  and improve your life

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In this issue: What's new in the End Poverty Campaign and at Hearts & MindsSM

Next issue: online March 25, 2008:

Past Issue: Fall 2007: Ongoing developments in the End Poverty Campaign, fundraising updates, alcoholism's effect on families article, updated links and articles for global issues, self-help and more.

What's new at Hearts & Minds:              
Autumn was typically a slow time for us in the past. But this fall we averaged about 15 volunteers coming in each week, from once a week to full time. Thanks to their help, Our End Poverty Campaign - www.change.net/poverty - continues to grow.

We also created a new Seniors for ChangeSM program. It builds on Youth for ChangeSM, started in 2003. Kids, teens and seniors are learning about poverty, the environment, art and effective communication. Then they create art to express their concern. They can also write the media and their elected representatives to support better policies to aid the neediest and to help save our planet.

We're getting more donations to expand our work. We're asking individuals and grant-making foundations, and we're also preparing the End Poverty WalkathonSM for May 2008. Its 10K (6.2 mile) route will span half the length of Manhattan, passing many interesting sights, including sculptures, museums, parks and spectacular views. Stay in touch for more information.

Please consider a generous donation. It’s easy at: http://www.change.net/frcopy.htm 

Together, we can change the world - and we need to do it now - more than ever! From now into the next few decades: Billions of lives - including ours - and all future generations are at stake.

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                     You can change the world

An important focus is how We Can End Global Hunger and Poverty

We will also continue to provide plenty of Help Yourself and Help Others info.

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