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Summer 2006 Newsletter
Inspiration and Actions for Now

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This Free newsletter shows how even an hour a month can help change your world:

  1. Look over our suggestions below - now is a good time :)

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This month we focus on ways to help our environment, promote peace in Africa and the Middle East, and how to encourage love in our personal lives.

Brand new articles and additional relevant material from our website are included in each issue of this newsletter.

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Inspiration, Information & Action
Summary of Contents

Inspiration for the Summer Season

Inspiring Quotes on:

  • Action - it's time for us to do something for a more fulfilling life
  • Challenge - challenge yourself in a different way everyday
  • Courage - don't let fear stop you from reaching your goals
  • Humanity - share the world with your fellow man
  • Progress - every step is a step towards success
  • Purpose - everyone has a purpose in life, what's yours?
  • Democracy - individuals have the power to change
  • Environment - our home is more than the building we live in, it's the world around us
  • Ethics - sometimes ethics is all you have
  • Independence - freedom is everyone's right
  • Love - caring for others is caring for your spirit
  • Self-Control - brings true relaxation

 More Inspiration for Change

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Help Yourself Articles

New: Winning against Depression - One man's struggle and insights

New: Fat Free? - Label reading can be misleading

More Self Help Articles

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Help Yourself Links


Self-Help Support Groups - Complete List of Issues - More than 400 links and reviews of helpful organizations

Help Others Articles

A World of Love - Expressing the best of your love

War and Peace
The Congo  - World's deadliest conflict

New: The Congo  - What can be done

New: War or Peace - The conflict in Iran

Our Water Resources
Down the Drain - The dangers threatening our drinking water

New: Saving our Water Resources  - Ways you can help

Help Others Links

New: Democracy and Peace in Africa

New: Water links - Nationwide links to facts, statistics and conservation info New York Water links - NYC metro-area links to facts and conservation info

Volunteering for Many Issues - more than 500 links and reviews of organizations to help you help others more effectively

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Lobbying for Nationwide Change

New: The Congo - a letter you can use

Easy, Effective Ways to Influence the Press, the Public and Our Elected Representatives - you can also choose from a list of important issues here

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Next issue: September 2006

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