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Autumn 2007 Newsletter
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Autumn is a time for collecting good things and preparing for big changes

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In this issue: Ongoing developments in the End Poverty Campaign and fundraising updates, alcoholism's effect on families article, updated links and articles for global issues, self-help and more

Next issue: online January 2, 2008: Ongoing developments in the End Poverty Campaign, fundraising updates, an article on Down's Syndrome and additional self-help and help others information.

Past Issue: Summer 2007: Global Education, Ongoing developments in the End Poverty Campaign, Cell Phones, Smoking, Insomnia, College Costs, and additional Self-Help book recommendations

What's new at Hearts & Minds:              
With the help of more than 40 volunteers this summer, Our End Poverty Campaign - www.change.net/poverty - is gaining momentum. To keep the ball rolling, we’re planning a major fundraising campaign for the next 8 months.

Fall fundraising
We held a fundraising meeting on Thursday, September 13. The purpose was to kick start our personal solicitation campaign. We planned several strategies to raise funds and expand our work. For example, our president and other volunteers are personally asking their friends and family for donations.

The second phase of our campaign will hit the streets of New York this fall. We’re starting a spare change drive - Give 5* to End Poverty in 5 Years. 5 can mean 5 cents, $5, 5 hours of your time, 5% of your income, or $5 million. Look for our booths around town and in street fairs all over Manhattan.

Upcoming End Poverty Walkathon
We’re very excited about our upcoming End Poverty Walkathon in spring 2008. The 10K (6.2 miles) route will span half the length of Manhattan, passing many interesting sights, including sculptures, museums, parks and spectacular views. Stay in touch for more information.

Please consider a generous donation. It’s easy at: http://www.change.net/frcopy.htm 

Inspiration for you
Several of our volunteers just finished a major renovation of the Inspiring Quotes in our website. They added plenty of new quotes and pictures and created fresh new pages with newsworthy topics like Poverty, Terrorism, Peace, Patriotism, Hunger and Loss.

Check out the changes at http://www.change.net/quotes/quotes.htm 

More Hearts & Minds News.

More at Hearts & Minds' Blog - Personal thoughts on Hearts & Minds, our growing Global Survival Campaign, and how to change the world. A first-hand story how we're starting something of perhaps unlimited potential, unfolding as you read it.

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Here's an article that might interest you:

New: Alcoholism’s effect on families - It hurts more than just the alcoholic

Our entire Help Yourself section

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Here's some articles that might interest you:

Facts on World Hunger and Poverty - a problem we can readily solve

Children in Poverty - America's Ongoing War - in the USA, an estimated 15 million children - one in four - live in poverty, but many organizations work to help

Creative Ideas for the Environment - changes you can make!

You can change the world

Together, we can change the world - and we need to do it now - more than ever! From now into the next few decades: Billions of lives - including ours - and all future generations are at stake.

We Can End Global Hunger and Poverty

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You can also find plenty of self-help info here. You might also like our section on very helpful Books where we've added a few more books we've personally tested and found very helpful.

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