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December 2005 Newsletter
Inspiration for the Holidays, World Peace, Conflict Resolution, Muslim-Western Relations and more

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This month we focus on steps we can take to promote peace in our lives, families, communities and world.

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Muslim-Western Relations
New: Four Articles on Al Jazeera, the Arab Cable News Channel
Part I: Changing the Rules in the Middle East
Part II: Stirring Controversy - steps in development
Part III: The American Government and Al Jazeera - from friends to enemies
Part IV: Al Jazeera International - English news from the Arab world

New: Muslims Work for Peaceful Change

More on the Mideast, Arab and Muslim Relations

Summary of Contents

Peace and Conflict Resolution
New: Some Thoughts on Conflict Resolution

New: How to Peacefully Resolve Conflicts - proven techniques for individual, local and global conflicts

Inspiration for the Holidays
Inspiring Quotes on Anger, Brotherhood

More Inspiration for Change

Summary of Contents


Lobbying for Nationwide Change
Iraq and Afghanistan - How to Win the Peace

Campaign for Arab-Israeli Peace

Responses to Terrorism

For these and many issues: Easy, Effective Ways to Influence the Press, the Public and Our Elected Representatives

Summary of Contents

Links to Other Organizations
Arab-Israeli Peace


Summary of Contents

Next issue: January 2006 - Inspiration and Actions for the New Year

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