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Past Issues:
Summer 2009: New articles on ending poverty

Spring 2009: End Poverty WalkathonSM news

Winter 2008/2009: End Poverty CampaignSM news and articles on how we can end extreme poverty more quickly and cost-effectively, creating a better, safer world for us, too

Autumn 2008: How you can help the global food crisis, more ways you can help change your world

Summer 2008: End Poverty Campaign news and our move to a larger, better office

Spring 2008: The End Poverty Walkathon on May 18, 2008, how to reform America's farm policies, more Inspiration, Help Yourself and Help Others information.

Winter 2007/2008: What's new in the End Poverty Campaign and at Hearts & MindsSM, fundraising developments, additional self-help and help others information

Fall 2007: Ongoing developments in the End Poverty Campaign, fundraising updates, alcoholism's effect on families article, updated links and articles for global issues, self-help and more.

Summer 2007: Global Education, Ongoing developments in the End Poverty Campaign, Cell Phones, Smoking, Insomnia, College Costs, additional Self-Help book recommendations and more

Spring 2007: The End Poverty Campaign - how we can end extreme poverty worldwide in as little as five years

Winter 2007: Global Survival Campaign and other ways to help yourself and help others more effectively

Holiday Season 2006: Inspiration and Information to Help You Create Worldwide Peace and Justice

Fall 2006 - New Global Survival Campaign, Child and Abuse, Abusive Teen Relationships, Animal Testing, Inspiring Quotes and more

Summer 2006 - Weight Loss, Overcoming Depression, Love, Healing the Congo, A Nuclear Iran? Inspiring Quotes and more

Winter/Spring 2006 - Kindness, Addictions, Therapy

December 2005 - Inspiration for the Holidays, World Peace, Conflict Resolution, Muslim-Western relations and more

November 2005 - Wise Giving to Charity, Effective Volunteering and How to Make Charities More Effective

October 2005 - Ethical Treatment of Animals, Species Loss and Sustainable Land Use

September 2005 - Global Warming, Steps You Can Take to Help Save Our Earth

July/August 2005 - Personal, National And Third World Debt

Winter/Spring 2005 - Affordable National Health Insurance, Better Health

Fall 2004 - Troubled Schools, Upgrading Education

July/August 2004 - Terror In Sudan, Human Rights, Domestic Violence

May/June 2004 - Suicide, Depression, Prison Reform

February/March 2004 - End Poverty And World Hunger, Anxiety Disorders

December 2003/January 2004 - Homelessness, Steps To Complete Mental Health

November/December 2003 - Get to the Roots of Terrorism, Depression In Teens, Seven Steps For Effective Volunteering

October/November 2003 - Israeli-Palestinian Peace, Seven Steps to Improve Your Environment, Inspiring Quotes

Premier issue - September/October 2003 - Win Peace In Iraq And Afghanistan, Improve Your Community

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