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A Personal Note from Our President
hy he donated more than 1 4,000 hours

See also: Summary: Why Donate to Hearts & Minds
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Dear Friend,

       Thank you for your interest in helping.

       I have donated more than 16,000 hours time without pay to Hearts & Minds because I am convinced this is one of the most effective ways to help people.

      Using the experience of our Governing Board and Volunteers, we can empower many more individuals to help themselves and others.

       Since we started, almost everything is done by volunteers. Making very effective and efficient use of donations, we've inspired and helped more than 13.6 million* people for just $217,000. Thanks to all the donated goods and services we receive, for every dollar we spend, we receive $9 worth of help.Hearts & Minds End Poverty Campaign logo links to more on how you can help END extreme hunger and poverty worldwide

       With our growing End Poverty CampaignSM we are even more directly addressing extreme global poverty and related issues that affect billions of people. Our work will be accelerated with funds for staff, upcoming printed publications and public-service publicity campaigns.

       Your support is very much appreciated. Please give generously. It's easy to donate online now or send your contribution to the address below. Thank You,


       Bill Blackman

Summary: Why Donate to Hearts & Minds
More Info for Donors
It's easy to donate now

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*Note: Statistics above have not been updated throughout the entire site. Our all-volunteer organization is working on that, in addition to our other work.
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