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Hearts & MindsSM works to provide information that can make a very positive difference for your life, family, community and world. Though we make a strong effort to give you valuable, potentially life changing information, there are limits to what we can provide.

Please note:

  • All information in this website should be combined with other sources of information. Ideas in this website are always only suggestions. They are not necessarily the only or best possible answers for you.
         For a challenge of any kind, it is always best - and we strongly recommend - that you receive advice from many sources. Then you can then decide and take responsibility for what is really best for you. For difficult or possibly hazardous personal and group challenges, professional advice should also be sought.

  • Information and organizations presented in this website and in websites we link to are informational resources, but are not a substitute for psychological, medical or legal advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We are not specialists with this expertise. We cannot make any warranty on the safety of any organizations, activities, products or exercises in this website or any others. Also, for any potentially serious legal, medical or psychological problem, you should also consult a lawyer, doctor,  psychologist, or other qualified professional.

  • Listings of organizations in the Volunteering, Self-Help, and other sections of our website include descriptions of organizations in quotes. These have been edited by us, and are only paraphrases based on what each group says about itself. Of course the organization is the best source for a more complete description of their services.
         Under these quotes you'll usually find text in italics. These are reviews by our volunteers. They are not necessarily experts on the issues they review. Their ideas are only personal opinions, not final judgments on the value of any organization, its integrity or activities.

  • Listings and even favorable descriptions of organizations are never endorsements. The amount or positioning of coverage is not proportional to an organization's ethics or effectiveness. Groups that are not listed may be very worthy of support. Groups that we do list may have serious problems that we are unaware of or do not have resources to investigate.
          Additional helpful info on nonprofits (non-governmental organizations) is available from
    other organizations that specialize in this.

  • Views expressed in various parts of this website are not necessarily those of Hearts & Minds. We encourage a range of opinions.
  • Photos in the website include people who work with us, people who benefit from our services, the many kinds of people we work to help, and scenes and people that illustrate issues that Hearts & Minds addresses. People in photos in this website are are not necessarily direct beneficiaries, participants or endorsers of Hearts & Minds. They do not necessarily have any of the problems that Hearts & Minds addresses, even when they appear on a web page that is about a specific problem.

Hearts & Minds seeks to avoid any inaccuracies or copyright violations in our website and other publications. We give careful instructions to our many volunteer researchers, writers and editors. Nonetheless, mistakes are still possible. We make every reasonable effort to correct any errors brought to our attention.

More on reprints, copyrights and service marks:

  • All rights reserved. This site may not be copied to another server or any other media without express, written permission directly from Hearts and Minds Network, Inc. ("Hearts & Minds"). However, you may make a copy for your personal use.

  • Since we seek to distribute helpful information widely, we wish to make it easy to have reprints. You can order these from us, and we may authorize you to print your own. For further information, contact us with our e-mail, address or phone below.

  • Except as noted, everything in this website is Copyright 1997 - 2015 by Hearts and Minds Network, Inc.
         Unless indicated otherwise, photographs, and art work are copyrighted by their artists. Hearts & Minds can put you in contact with our writers, artists, and photographers.
         IMSI images are from the
    IMSI Master Photos Collection, 1895 Francisco Blvd. East, San Rafael, CA 94901. These images are not for further use without permission by IMSI.
         Microsoft images are from Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington 98052-6399 USA. All rights reserved. They are available to all for personal use under
    Clip Art and Media with appropriate credit to Microsoft.
         Bigfoto images are from the
    Bigfoto website and are available to all for personal use with appropriate credit to Bigfoto.

  • The following are all protected service marks: the "Hearts & Minds" name, the "Hearts & Minds - Information for Change" name and logo; the "Our World - Our Future: Youth for Change" name and logo, the "Global Survival Campaign" name, "The Joy of Change" name and logo; and the slogans: "Information for Change," "Inspiration for Change," "We Can Change the World," "You Can Change the World - Here's How," "We're Here to Help" and "Help Yourself, Help Others, Help Us."

  • What to Do if you find anything in our site that you feel we should not publish.

  • Suggestions and guidelines on ideas or information you send to Hearts & Minds. This includes important information on how Hearts & Minds may make use of ideas you send us.

  • Here's a brief Copyright Agreement we make with some professional writers and artists who allow us to publish their work.

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