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Community Action Network was a volunteer, nonprofit, tax-exempt idea clearinghouse that collects and shares practical solutions to community social problems. CAN was founded by media industry leaders to create a library of solutions that has proved effective in helping people combat challenges they encounter daily.

       The need for resources like this is obvious: innovative, effective ideas that help solve critical problems are seldom outside the immediate locale in which they originate. CAN opens this reservoir of good ideas to everyone.

       The ideas are organized in booklets of 20 problem categories:

  • Aids
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Child Abuse
  • Criminal Justice
  • Disadvantaged
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drunk Driving
  • Education
  • Elderly Care
  • Environment
  • Family Concerns
  • Health Care
  • Homeless
  • Housing
  • Hunger
  • Missing Children
  • Rape
  • Street Crime
  • Teenage Suicide
  • Unemployment
For more info or to order booklets:

Community Action Network
600 Madison Avenue
New York, NY  10022

Each booklet is 20 - 40 pages with dozens of ideas. Cost including postage and handling is: first booklet: $5, each additional, $3. The entire 20-booklet library is $50.

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