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Gifts in Kind America
3333 North Fairfax St., Suite 100
Alexandria, VA  22314

Phone: 1-703-836-2121
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.giftsinkind.org
      Gifts in Kind America is an organization for 501(c)(3) nonprofits. May supply office equipment and supplies including software, hardware, building materials, furniture, clothing, toys, medical equipment and supplies, personal care products and more. Gifts in Kind is the largest of such organizations, reporting $200 million worth of products distributed per year.
       Registration is on a sliding scale, starting at $125 for organizations with an annual budget of less than $1 million. It may provide some press work for publicity on how your organization was helped by it.
       This organization offers a very wide range of products, though not necessarily everything you would want. Products keep changing, so it pays to come back regularly. -IZB

National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources (NAEIR)
560 McClure Street
Galesburg, IL  61401

Phone: 1-800-562-0955
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.freegoods.com
        NAEIR helps 501(c)(3) nonprofits with donated items. Similar in scope to Gifts in Kind. This includes office equipment and supplies, computer software, appliances, building materials, books, personal care products, sporting goods, toys, furniture, clothing and more. There is a $375 - $575 annual membership fee. The $575 fee entitles organizations to materials worth an average of $12,000, it reports. NAEIR guarantees you will receive materials worth at least double your fee in the first year.
       This fee seems high for a nonprofit organization, but could be well worth it when it means getting goods worth many times the fee. It may need the fees to run warehouses, etc. to handle all these goods. -IZB

Computer and software companies
Contact their corporate giving or PR department
        Many manufacturers make hardware and software available to nonprofits, especially organizations with tangible services, such as soup kitchens, housing, etc. Sometimes it's not the very latest equipment and may be rehabilitated returns, but they are quite adequate for most nonprofit uses. For example, Compaq has an active donation program; other possibilities for computers (and maybe printers) include Dell, Gateway and Packard Bell.

An example:
The primary source of information regarding charitable donations from Microsoft is http://www.microsoft.com/giving/.

In addition, you may also want to go to its website, which has information about a new licensing program from Microsoft, specifically for 501(c)(3) orgs:
       Microsoft Software for PCs and Macs requires a letter on your organization's letterhead with a description of what your organization does, why you need its software, and confirmation that you're an IRS- registered organization, e.g. 501(c)(3).


See also: New Life for Old Dinosaurs - organizations providing used computers for nonprofits and schools

Local businesses, companies, and corporations
Contact their management, corporate giving or PR departments
May be good sources of products, equipment, grants and volunteers

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