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The time is always right to do what is right.
    -Martin Luther King, Jr.

This section can empower you to profoundly help one other person or change the world...

We Can End Global Hunger and Poverty  |  Press Info

You may also start with our Inspiration and Motivation, helpful Books or a Complete List of Issues. Each of these important social and environmental issues has a web page with links and articles.

We have a wide range of Articles covering many issues and over 500 Volunteering and Donating Links.

There's a special section with Help for Nonprofits for those who volunteer, work for, run, or are considering starting a non-governmental organization.Logo for Our World - Our Future: Youth For Change links to information about the program

You may also like this Hearts & Minds program creating art for social change: Youth for ChangeSM and Seniors for ChangeSM

Each issue of our Free Newsletter has very useful info. Hearts & Minds' Blog also explores ways to change your world.

You can also use our Help Yourself section to build your power to help others.

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