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Campaign for Arab-Israeli Peace
A letter you can send to your elected representatives

You can make a difference for a peaceful and lasting resolution to the ongoing Arab-Israeli conflict.

You can use the following letter to contact our elected representatives, the press and the general public with ideas for positive change in public policy and individual minds.

Dear _______:

We need to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. Impoverished Palestinians live in fear of tanks that routinely roll through their refugee camps. Lebanese homes and infrastructure were seriously damaged in last summer's war. Well over 1,000 innocent civilians died.

Israeli citizens are terrorized by rockets and suicide bombings that can strike innocent civilians at any time. 

With every attack the situation deteriorates, and an increasing polarity between the two sides threatens the region as well as the world. 

In light of these dire circumstances, we need to support a peace initiative based on:

  • Establishment of a large, multinational force with the power to keep arms from reaching terrorists and to stop military incursions into civilian areas.
  • Massive, immediate and far-reaching aid for Palestinians by Arab and Western states alike to end the poverty, misery and hopelessness that leads to fanatical terrorism.
  • Mutual recognition of the rights of Israel and Palestine to exist within defensible borders.
  • Immediate and continuous negotiations between Hezbollah, Palestine and Israel with ongoing, attentive mediation by the United States and other nations
  • A complete renunciation of terrorism by the Palestinians and Hezbollah.
  • A specific timetable for removing Israeli settlements from Palestinian territories

Separation is inherently unjust. Both sides lose the benefits of sharing their profoundly linked cultures and history.

It will be difficult to resolve this conflict, but the alternative is far worse.

Sincerely yours,

[your name]

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Letter by Bill Blackman and the volunteers of Hearts & Minds
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