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Hearts & Minds Launches
Campaign for Arab-Israeli Peace

Nothing Else is Working - This Will

NEW YORK, NY - Hearts & Minds is running a Campaign for Arab-Israeli Peace. This New York City nonprofit organization advocates immediate, constructive actions to end the violence on both sides.

The need is great - this destructive, dangerous situation could escalate at any time into regional – even worldwide – conflict. This endangers millions of lives.

Unending violence hurts everybody in the region. It helps totalitarian governments use one-sided, anti-Israel and anti-West propaganda to distract attention from the pressing needs of their own people. Terrorists also exploit the hatred and misery from this continuing cycle of violence. 

Promotion of lasting peace with justice and mercy is in everyone's interest. Recognizing that as difficult in the short run, Hearts & Minds also advocates specific steps to immediately help prevent the violence.

This campaign includes volunteer publicity efforts and political lobbying. Initiated by Hearts & Minds in New York City and spreading throughout the world, it supports:

  • A large multinational force, including the United States and Europe and a de-militarized zone to completely separate the warring parties, stop more arms from reaching any terrorists and prevent military incursions into civilian areas. The UN and many other nations could also participate if they act to fully support this complete program.

  • Massive, immediate and far reaching aid for the Palestinians. The creation of jobs with good working conditions. We must quickly end the poverty, misery and hopelessness that leads to fanatical terrorism. Aid would come from the oil states and the West. It must be carefully monitored by third parties, not Hamas or the corrupt Palestinian Authority.

  • A complete renunciation of terrorism by the Palestinians and a thorough auditing of all governmental and non-governmental finances to prevent money from reaching any terrorists.

  • Aid for progress: All aid to the Palestinians in proportion to days without terrorist attacks. All aid to Israel would depend on keeping a schedule of evacuating settlements in the territories.

  • In Israel and Palestine, required school curriculums and broadcasts of both sides of the issue. Prominent space in all printed publications with guaranteed freedom of expression for the other side. This can counteract hatred by showing shared suffering and common humanity. 

  • Ending the teaching of hatred by all organizations and schools that receive any aid from any source, including the UN, all governments and charitable organizations.

  • Immediate negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel, with ongoing, attentive American participation.

  • A specific timetable for exchanging territory or removing all Israeli settlers within one year, with structures left intact for use by Palestinians.

  • For the Palestinians, the right to return to the Palestinian-controlled areas or financial compensation for properties left during the Arab-Israeli conflicts.

  • Full and unequivocal recognition of the right of Israel and Palestine to exist within defensible borders. This recognition would be required from Israel, the Palestinians, the United States and any Arab nation that wants to do business with the United States or with any other participating nation.

  • Defensible and recognized borders for Israel and Palestine, with Israel’s size and resources based on its pre-1967 land area as granted in UN resolutions 242 and 338.

  • A long term goal of peaceful coexistence and collaboration, with a vision of eventual, possible merger of the two states, when that becomes practical. This could be an example for many other conflicts around the world. If there is peace in Israel and Palestine - and there can be - then we can have peace everywhere.

Separation is inherently unjust. Both sides lose the benefits of sharing profoundly linked cultures and history. Our planet is too small and our destructive technology too advanced for hatred and denial of others' humanity.

Exclusive self-justification brings racism, militarism and extremism. Humans have the intelligence to do much better. We can work together for justice, understanding and resolution of grievances on both sides.

"We the people have the power to help prevent further bloodshed and escalation of the conflict," says Bill Blackman, president of Hearts & Minds. "By making our voices heard, we can make a difference."

For more info: (212) 280-0333

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