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A Letter You Can Send
Help stop land grabs!

My land gave me everything. Now that is no more. I am one of the poorest now.
-Francis Langoli, Ugandan farmer -The Guardian UK, 2011

The global land grab hurts the world’s poorest the most. They are most vulnerable to a lack of food security and poverty.

In the world's poorest nations, recent seizures of land that belonged to farmers have contributed to poverty. Countries, large corporations, hedge funds and university endowments are buying and in some cases leasing land for large-scale export of crops.

Farming is the only source of livelihood for many of the world's poorest. They are more likely to farm in a sustainable way, better for our planet and us, too.

We can make a difference! Millions of lives hang in the balance.

America can be a leader by making a firm commitment to combat the big land grab.

It's easy to send a letter today! (See below.) You can also spread the word!

Here are versions in Microsoft Word that you can download and edit if you like:

Write Your Congressperson!

Write your Senator!

Write President Obama! If you have trouble with this link, his address is:
President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

…and feel free to use the following letter as a model. Politicians consider handwritten letters even more effective, since that shows you think this issue is worth more of your time:

Your Name
Your Street Address, Apt. Number (if any)
City, State, Zip Code
(optional) Your Phone Number

(Today's Date)

The Honorable ____(Full name of Your Representative or Senator)
Washington, DC (zip code)
(Office addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and other contact information for your representatives can be found here: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/)

Dear Representative (or President or Senator) ___ (add their full name),

The global land grab hurts the world’s poor the most.

Effects on the poor
Land seizures hit the world's poorest with poverty, displacement from their homes and a loss of income. Self-sufficiency is the best course of action to combat poverty. As pointed out at www.farmlandgrab.org, large-scale production does not benefit individual farmers. It only benefits corporations.

Richer countries have benefited from large-scale agricultural production, but it is the poor who are most hurt by it. Hence, the onus is on us to do something about it.

What you can do
Our nation can be a leader with a firm commitment to combat land grabbing and global poverty. We can:

1. Bring this issue to the forefront.

2. Provide additional aid for food security programs in developing countries most vulnerable to land grabbing.

3. Fund projects that prevent land grabbing from vulnerable people.

The fight against land grabbing is an important part of the war against poverty.

Please let me know what you are doing about these urgent reforms.

Thank you,

(your signature)

(your type-written name)

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