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Haiti Can Escape Poverty!
You can help!

Haiti was rich
Many people do not know that Haiti was well off in the 19th Century. They produced a surplus of food and the economy was so prosperous, immigrants came from the United States for the opportunities Haiti offered. More info on this.

Big challenges
After being hit by multiple hurricanes in 2008, Haiti was further devastated by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake on January 12th, 2010. Over 220,000 people died. An additional 1.5 million were left homeless.

Two years later, much of Haiti has yet to recover and emergency relief is running dry.

A sustainable solution
You can help the Haitian people to a permanently better life. The End Poverty Campaign is expanding to help them with:

  • Sustainable Agriculture so people can raise their own food in an environmentally sustainable way.
  • Environmental restoration: Much of the land has been severely damaged, but it can be restored.
  • Entrepreneurship: Small loans for people to successfully start their own businesses.
  • Distribution of low cost products that help people survive and thrive.

We are working non-stop to partner with innovative organizations that have direct service expertise in Haiti - a strategy we are building on so that the donations we receive will have the most impact.

Why Haiti?
The need is great, and it is a nearby neighbor.

Our President, Bill Blackman, works full time as a volunteer with us. He will be in Haiti at his own expense to find programs providing the most cost-effective, sustainable ways for people to lift themselves from extreme poverty.

We’ll double your donation!
Blackman has pledged to match the first $5,000 toward Haiti relief.

Please send your check payable to:  

Hearts & Minds
165 West 105 Street
New York, NY 10025

Phone: 1-212-280-0333
[email protected]

Or you can Donate online.

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