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Introduction to Extreme Global Poverty 
End Poverty Campaign Introduction
- a brief presentation on how you can help create a  safer, more just and sustainable world  |  Part 2

What's wrong with other global poverty programs? - how we can do much better than the widely praised but seriously flawed Millennium Development Goals

Methods to End Global Poverty - the debate between strategies

Facts on World Hunger and Poverty - a problem we can solve

Eye Witness Accounts of Poverty

A brief video

Poverty Campaign Info
How You Can End Global Hunger and Poverty - introduction to the End Poverty Campaign platform

The End Poverty Campaign Platform - a fuller summary of a most achievable plan to help end extreme poverty worldwide 

Press Release for the End Poverty CampaignSM

The End Poverty WalkathonSM

Specific Global Poverty Issues
The Best Way to Support Relief Efforts in Africa - How to give where it counts

The Growing Water Emergency - How it affects billions of people - and you 

Women and Microloans - a very effective way to help end poverty
and a letter you can send to your congressman

The Coming Global Water Shortage - and what we can do about it

Microfinance - a very cost-effective way to help end poverty

Economic Prosperity Begins with Establishing Property Ownership

Relieving Third World Debt - and how we can invest in a better, just, and sustainable world

Learning to End Poverty - the great value of educating all the world's children

Sweatshops - the movement to better conditions for thousands of workers

Books - how to help others more effectively, including excellent books on ending extreme poverty

Agriculture and Food Policies
New: A Summary of the Farm Bill

New: A Better Farm Bill

Status-Quo Killed the Farmer
Farm Bill 101 - an introduction to the farm bill
The Farm Bill and Global Poverty - how the farm bill affects poverty worldwide
The Farm Bill's Changes - the good, the bad, and the ugly
Conclusion: Lobbying and Change
A Letter You Can Send - make your voice heard about the 2012 Farm Bill

Land Grabs Hurt the World's Poorest

The Global Food Crisis - rising food prices threaten the world's poorest

The Dark Side of Biofuels - not as "green" as once thought

Related Articles
Best Ways to Help Japan and disaster relief advice

Photo of the kids are circle lie on grassPeople all over the world - and all future generations - benefit when we work to end poverty

See also: The Environment, another global survival issue

Poverty in the USA
Rising Cost of Food Affects Americans, food banks hard hit

Children in Poverty: America's Ongoing War - in the US, an estimated 15 million children - one in four - live in poverty, but many organizations work to help

Homelessness - a brief look at causes of homelessness, organizations that help, and what you can do

A First-Hand Experience with Homelessness

Three Extraordinary Individuals - an inside look at homelessness

Lost and Found, a short film by Mike Lombardi - A very good, very well acted, independent drama on homelessness that also includes one of Gary's poems

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