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Election 2012 and Extreme Global Poverty
Life and Death Decisions

This November 6, U.S. voters won’t just be deciding on a President. Races to elect 33 Senators and all 435 Representatives will also be decided. Whoever is elected will have huge power over billions of dollars of foreign aid.

A lot at stake
Our elected representatives can reform current foreign aid policies and help millions more people - or they can continue wasteful programs serving wealthy special interests. Many candidates want to sharply cut or even end all foreign aid.

Unfortunately, almost a billion people going hungry every day doesn’t seem to be a top priority of either party.

That’s where you come in!

As Jeffery Sachs said:

“The politicians do not lead - they follow. It’s the people who lead.”

When citizens voice their concerns, politicians listen - and act. When we’re silent, politicians use our taxes to serve their wealthy donors instead.

What You Can Do

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by Bagas Danara, Philip McGonigle and other Hearts & Minds volunteers
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