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Bringing Prosperity Back to Haiti
What you can do to help

Most people think of Haiti as a disaster area. Haitians have more than their share of challenges, but here’s how we can help them regain the prosperity they once had:

A brief history
In 1804 Haitians freed themselves from slavery and created their own self-ruling country. Haitians built prosperity based on what they taught themselves as slaves who were only allowed to cultivate very small plots of their own land.

A decentralized economy and political system allowed Haitians to live in freedom with control over their own. future, something that few experience today.

This all changed when the US occupied Haiti from 1915 to 1934, forcing centralized rule from the capital, Port-au-Prince, also allowing foreigners to take control of some of the best land.

This led to economic decline. More people moved to cities, less worked in agriculture Now, roughly half of Haiti’s food has to be imported, and poverty is widespread.
Haiti is impoverished due in large part failed policies set in place by foreign interventions resulting in a vicious cycle of violence, environmental degradation and a poor economy.

Haiti’s struggle to regain self-reliance was set-back even further after major hurricanes in 2008 and a devastating earthquake in 2010.

What doesn’t work and what does
Since then, Haiti has received hundreds of millions of dollars in aid. But many Haitians still live under dire conditions of violence, disease, and lack basic living standards.

The End Poverty Campaign works to change the policies and systems of foreign aid so that help given to states such as Haiti will be much more productive.

Since Haiti’s need is so desperate, we are getting directly involved in supporting the best programs to directly benefit people in greatest need.

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