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Global Water Crisis
Action of the Month—June 2012

Imagine if you had nothing safe to drink?

One out of three people don’t.

Why is this important to us?
Each day, 2.6 billion people have to drink dirty water from polluted wells, ditches, rivers and lakes. Every sip carries risk of death.

Water borne disease weakens people. This makes it much harder to lift themselves from extreme poverty.

Most of us cannot imagine having to walk over 2 miles for water, yet alone dirty water.

Powerful facts
The United Nations estimates that Sub-Saharan Africa alone loses 40 billion hours a year, just by collecting water. That’s the same as France’s entire workforce!

Imagine what could be accomplished if they had convenient access to safe water.
You can help!

Stay tuned more info soon.

Support Clean Water for All
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by Christine Strahl and Dalitso Chapema, Hearts & Minds volunteers
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