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To help end poverty more quickly

Photo of Hong Kong schoolgirlsEvery child can grow to share a happier future  - and that improves our lives, too. Schoolgirls in Hong Kong

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Respond to the Global Food Crisis - contact your elected representatives

Help end extreme poverty worldwide in as little as five years - a letter you can send  |  An e-mail you can send

Another letter you can send: Reform Agricultural Policies - lower prices for American consumers while helping the world's poorest escape poverty  |  Press Release on this Issue

A Letter to End Sweatshops

Let's Educate all the World's Children - a letter for your elected representatives

Get Involved in Campaign Events  - Participate from anywhere in the world - even 10 minutes can help change your world!

Get Inspired to Act! - Read these thought-provoking Quotes on Hunger and Poverty

End Poverty WalkathonsSM - past and future: Brief Description  |  More on the End Poverty Walkathon  |  Permission Form

Another way to help: Our World - Our Future: Youth for ChangeSM

Join us!

Logo for Our World - Our Future: Youth For Change links to information about the program

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