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Eighteen million innocent people die every year from poverty related causes,

All the resources and methods are available and...

Together, we will end extreme poverty!

Introduction - A Brief Presentation on how you can help create a safer, more just and sustainable world  |  Part 2

The Good, Bad and Ugly in Poverty Programs

Intro & End Poverty Campaign Platform

Facts on World Hunger and Poverty - a problem we can solve

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Important Issues:
USA Keep Its Promises to Haiti - sign the petition!

End Poverty CampaignSM Begins Work for Haiti
How We Can Help Haiti


What you can do about it

Help Haiti Escape Poverty

Food Aid that Really Words - What You Can Do to Help
Learn More about the Farm Bill and Food Aid

Land Grabs Hurt the World's Poorest
What You Can Do to Help

Oppose Big Cuts in Vital Foreign Aid

Hold the Candidates Accountable
What You Can Do
Spread the word!

Famine in East Africa

The Growing Water Emergency - How it affects billions of people - and you 

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