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Dear (Editor, your elected representatives),

(More than 1 billion people go hungry worldwide. 18 million people die every year from poverty-related causes.

This urgent problem leads to mass migrations, epidemics, political chaos, war, and terrorism. These threats endangers humanity on a global scale.

I enthusiastically encourage you to support comprehensive legislation to end extreme poverty worldwide. This is readily achievable in just five years - if the United States and the other developed nations spend just 1.5% of GDP national income.

That's just a penny and a half of every dollar. It's what the USA spent for the Marshall Plan. That changed the course of history for all of Western Europe after World War II, also in just five years.

I also urge you to support expanding the Peace Corps to 300,000 people. This is still less than 1/10 of one percent of our population. Volunteers can work locally to make sure funds actually reach the world's poorest people. 

We now have far greater resources and improved techniques. This includes free and fair trade, debt forgiveness, disease prevention, micro loans for the very poor to start their own small businesses, and many other social entrepreneurship innovations. 

I support a comprehensive set of programs as outlined in the Hearts & Minds website: www.change.net/poverty/platform.htm.

Effective legislation will create targeted, well monitored programs with strong incentives for good management. Aid can be based on cooperation and transparency by the host governments - or go directly to the people.

The West must be seen taking the lead to create a much better, more just, safer and more sustainable world. We can actively urge all the world's wealthy nations to join us. This will bring virtually unlimited benefits for us and all future generations.

We need to act now to end global poverty!

This is very important to me and many others I am actively speaking with. I would like to tell everyone that you fully support this very important program.

Please let me know, when and how you are actively supporting these programs. What specific legislation are you co-sponsoring and when will you bring it out of committee for a vote by the full Congress?

We the people want to know: Will you work with us now to help create a much better world?

Thank you.


(your name)

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Letter by Bill Blackman and other Hearts & Minds volunteers
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