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A very cost-effective way to help end poverty

Money cannot buy happiness. But it certainly helps to make dreams come true for many people. These include small-business owners, women heads of households, and low-income and poor people who aspire to a better life. Welcome to the world of microfinance and access to credit for the disadvantaged!

Hearts & Minds enthusiastically provides information and promotes different ways to address several topics dealing with the world’s social and economic problems. Poverty is a world-wide concern and our End Poverty CampaignSM focuses on microfinance.

Why microfinance?
Our interest in microfinance was first inspired by the great number of success stories on the topic and by the inspiring example of people’s success to overcome poverty. Later, and after conducting research on the field, we realized on the huge impact microfinance has had on millions of peoples’ lives all around the world.

Hearts & Minds seeks to broaden the information available on microfinance. It is important for people to be aware of this economic trend and for them to support and extend this movement through donations or volunteering.

How you can help
There are several ways to donate funds to support microfinance and different developmental projects focused on health, education, human rights, disaster relief, and many more. But if you are willing to make a donation or volunteer for projects that are currently being implemented locally or abroad, Universal Giving, among many other websites, provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions on how to address the cause. One of the best features of this website, whether you are interested in donating or volunteering, is its easiness to find information on a particular developmental program, in a specific country, and on a defined subject. It definitely makes it easy for the user to find vast ways to help the poor.

Examples of success
Studies by Joe Remenvi and Benjamin Quinones Jr. show that "borrowers of Bank [Rakyat in Indonesia increased their incomes by 12.9 per cent.’ Another study on Bank Rakyat’s borrowers on the island of Lombok in Indonesia reports that the average [incomes of clients had increased by 112 per cent and that 90 per cent of households had moved out of poverty." (Year of Microcredit)

Now you know why and how to help microfinance grow. So join our cause and volunteer or donate for microfinance or other developmental projects. If not, simply promote it. You will realize the power of information when people get inspired and become involved in helping others.

Women and Microloans - a very effective way to help end poverty

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by Andrés Araoz, Hearts & Minds volunteer
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