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Why Do We Need
The End Poverty Campaign?
How we can help millions more people

18 million people die every year from poverty related causes.

 What are the best ways to help?

An Open Letter to Everyone Fighting Global Poverty:

Dear Colleague:

I'm impressed with your work. Our world is a much better place because of it.

I strongly agree with what you said:

We can end hunger... All that’s missing is the political will… We have the ability and the moral obligation to do more...

You’ve joined the United Nations, dozens of the wealthiest nations, websites that sign up millions of concerned citizens, Bono the rock star and many other talented, caring people in this struggle...

Finally, in recent years, we hada growing consensus: Everyone should support the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These goals seek to cut extreme poverty in half by 2015.

That would be a very good start, but as you probably know, the MDGs are also a continuation of an international commitment for 0.7 percent of national income (GDP) to end poverty, first made in October 1970 (UN General Assembly Resolution 2626).

It’s been reconfirmed many times since...

More than 44 years later, it's still only partially done.

And here's the shocking truth: Shamefully, the USA still only gives a very small percentage of our national income for foreign aid. And more than half of that is given for strategic and commercial interests, not fully effective poverty alleviation. Many other wealthy nations also fall far short of their MDG commitments.

But even if all the wealthy nations finally keep these commitments, more than 800 million people are still be chronically hungry in 2015. And millions of innocent people will still die every year from poverty related causes.

We can't keep doing what we've done before!

For example, Sub-Saharan Africa has more than 110 million additional people in extreme poverty now than it did in 1990.

Big problems - bigger solutions
There are many great ideas included with the MDGs. Much of this is well described in Jeffrey Sach's book, The End of Poverty. The MDGs he outlines could benefit from additional programs to reach and empower local people to help themselves.

All the charities in the world cannot match the resources government can provide. The Marshall Plan would never have succeeded in helping rebuild Western Europe after World War II, if it depended on private donations.

We can learn from the mistakes of previous international aid programs and our own domestic War on Poverty. Our government needs to fund more flexible, comprehensive programs. They work incredibly effectively and at remarkably low cost.

Social entrepreneurship programs work directly with those in greatest need. They bypass corrupt and inefficient bureaucracies. Some of these programs are well described in David Bornstein's excellent book, How to Change the World. The Ashoka  and Skoll foundations, and many others, provide valuable help for innovative social entrepreneurs.

But we need to work on a much larger scale to help end extreme poverty.

A big waste
The MDGs support giving billions of dollars directly to government bureaucracies in developing nations. This is a recipe for inefficiency and outright theft.

The resulting scandals fuel public cynicism and increase demands to cut back foreign aid.

Together, we can do better. Much better...
The End Poverty CampaignSM hopes you will join us different, creative and effective alternative.

We advocate many more Peace Corps members collaborating directly with local people. This will bypass centralized bureaucracies. It gives aid recipients a far stronger voice for the aid they really need. It can also help ensure that funds are distributed locally and thereby spent much more cost-effectively.

I'm sure that you don't want to see even one child die of hunger or poverty. I’m also sure you agree that, as Tony Hall expresses in his wonderful book, Changing the Face of Hunger, justice and mercy help bring peace.

I can think of no better source of meaning and fulfillment than for us to move further forward for such a noble cause.

A new initiative
Hearts & Minds is building a large scale, grassroots education and activist campaign to help end extreme poverty much more quickly. We're asking the wealthy nations to match the 1.5 percent of GDP already successfully used by the Marshall Plan.

We recognize this will be difficult in the short run, though the world's poorest people are still hardest hit by economic challenges. Hearts & Minds also strongly advocates that whatever amount we do spend be used far more effectively.

Political will
I believe you strongly agree that all the resources are there to end extreme poverty. All that's really missing is the political will.

Here's the solution:

“The politicians do not lead, they follow. It’s the people who lead.”
     -Jeffrey Sachs

Millions of lives
The End Poverty Campaign asks you to join us. Together, we can more quickly help millions of people lift themselves from extreme poverty. Let's talk.

As William Wilberforce said, "You may choose to look the other way but you can never again say you did not know."

Thanks for your consideration - and for all the very good work you're already doing!


Bill Blackman, president, and the volunteers of Hearts & Minds
An all-volunteer, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization using use mass communications to get to the roots of extreme poverty and other important issues. We provide empowering inspiration, information and resources locally, nationwide and globally: www.change.net 

End Poverty CampaignSM

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