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How We Can End Global Hunger and Poverty
Introduction to the End Poverty CampaignSM Platform

We can help billions of people - and ourselves...
The End Poverty Campaign is an ambitious and achievable plan for ending extreme hunger worldwide much more quickly and cost effectively.

This comprehensive program makes innovative use of free and fair trade, microfinance, and other social entrepreneurship innovations. These low-cost methods already help millions of people to lift themselves from poverty.

Hearts & Minds is recruiting concerned people like you to:

  • donate to the most effective anti-poverty programs...

  • help educate their fellow citizens...

  • contact the media and our elected representatives to support the best solutions to help as many people as we can...

Photo of four smiling, curious in rural GhanaEven poverty-stricken people have much to offer. Children everywhere can hope and work for a better world for all. Children in rural Ghana

An urgent problem
More than one billion people go hungry worldwide. 2 billion, 600 million live on less than $1.25 a day.

Extreme poverty can lead to mass migrations, epidemics, environmental destruction, political chaos, war, and terrorism. These problems endanger millions of people worldwide, including us.

Global opinion of the USA is at an all-time low. This helps terrorists to recruit against us.

Therefore, extreme poverty can also be a serious national security concern.

We must take the lead
The Millennium Development Goals have some very good ideas. But they also have serious shortcomings.

We can do better. Much better.

The USA must take the initiative to create a more just, safe, and sustainable world. This leadership can bring virtually unlimited benefits for us and for all future generations.

We can do this at a remarkably small cost.

Photo of old Delhi: Helping poor people with what you can is also a way of helping ourselves...People work extremely hard in the developing world. They are productive even with simple technology. We can help them create a better life for themselves and a much safer, more sustainable world for all - at surprisingly low cost. Busy street in Delhi, India

We can end extreme poverty
You can support increased charitable giving and comprehensive legislation to help end extreme poverty worldwide in as little as five years. This is achievable if the United States and the other developed nations spend just 1.5% of GDP national income.

This is a tougher sell in the current economy, even though the world's poorest people are being hit the hardest.

That's why we also advocate that whatever amount we spend be also spent much more wisely.

But the full 1.5 percent is still just a penny and a half on the dollar. It's what the USA spent for the Marshall Plan, when our national debt was a substantially higher percentage of our national income than it is today.

The Marshall Plan was a wise investment. It helped change the course of history for Western Europe after World War II.

We've done it before and we can do it again.

This proposal costs far less than what we spend on weapons.

There are many proven techniques and plenty of resources to accomplish this essential goal. The price is low and the time frame is realistic. We, too, will benefit in greater prosperity and security.

A major priority
Like the 1960s program for putting a man on the moon, this is a visionary, inspiring goal.

And this project has greater humane value. With millions of lives at stake, it's much more urgent.

We need to act now to end global poverty!

Making it work
Wise giving and effective legislation will create and fund well monitored, targeted  programs with strong incentives for honest and efficient management. Aid should be conditional on cooperation and transparency by the host nations' governments - or it should go directly to the people.

The End Poverty Campaign is unique in how it embraces common sense that is often neglected in current, well-intentioned aid programs.

We can give stronger incentives to ensure aid programs are successful.

Handouts rob people of their self respect and dignity. Participants' feedback and their active participation are needed.

Incentives for success increase the effectiveness of aid donors, aid workers, and those who receive the aid. This can include profit and recognition for exemplary performance.

Additional resources can go to the most effective individuals and organizations, as evaluated by the aid recipients themselves and confirmed by impartial third parties.

The most ambitious and achievable platform
Based on extensive research, with advice from numerous experts in the field and our own highly qualified Governing Board, here are specific proposals that can help millions more people lift themselves from poverty. This will create a safer, more fair, sustainable and beautiful world for us as well: End Poverty Campaign Platform.

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