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Hearts & Minds Launches New, Achievable Campaign to Help End Global Poverty
Low-cost, proven techniques already help millions

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Hearts and Minds
SM is building a large scale, public education campaign to help end world hunger and extreme poverty in as little as five years.

Innovative, achievable and done before
This New York City-based nonprofit has an innovative and achievable plan. It asks each of the wealthy nations to contribute 1.5 percent of their national income (GDP) to end extreme poverty - the same percent given to the Marshall Plan. That changed the course of history for impoverished Western Europe after World War II.

The Marshall Plan was funded from 1948-1952 by the USA alone. America was still recovering from the Great Depression and the huge expense of World War II. It also funded a large share of the Korean War at this time.

Thanks to the Marshall Plan, America and many other nations are far wealthier now. Hearts & Minds asks that we do it again.

"Our proposal is totally reasonable," says Hearts & Minds’ founder and president, Bill Blackman. "It’s just one and a half cents from each dollar of national income from the richest nations on the planet."

Empowering people with public education and activism
As demonstrated by the Marshall Plan, great change calls for great resources. National governments have much greater funds than all private charity put together, so they must play a vital role. To make this happen, Hearts & Minds will recruit thousands of citizen activists.

"We the people can change the world," says Blackman. "We can influence government and private philanthropy to provide trillions more dollars for the most ambitious, innovative and effective programs to help end extreme poverty and hunger worldwide. As with Europe after World War II, our own long-term security and prosperity depend on this."

A comprehensive plan
Hearts & Minds advocates a comprehensive platform: free and fair trade, debt forgiveness, disease prevention, micro loans for the very poor to start their own small businesses, and many other social entrepreneurship innovations, helped by a greatly expanded Peace Corps.

This includes many low-cost, proven methods that work directly with those in need, bypassing corrupt or inefficient bureaucracies. These solutions have already helped millions of people lift themselves from poverty. Working together, these techniques are far more effective than anything known at the time of the Marshall Plan.

"Today we have all the resources and methods to end extreme poverty and hunger worldwide," says Dave Peterson, director of the Africa Program at the National Endowment for Democracy and chairman of Hearts & Minds’ governing board. "Our new campaign is working to raise public support to make it happen.

"The Hearts & Minds website - www.change.net - shows how even an hour of your time can help change history," Peterson continues. "Check it out and see for yourself."

Hearts & Minds is an all-volunteer, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded in 1996. More than 8.5 million people have already downloaded over 32 million online articles from their website. Additional information: www.change.net/press

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