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NEW YORK, NY -- Hearts and Minds Network is now the primary online source of inspiration and very effective ways to help themselves and others, for those wishing to change themselves and their communities. Every day, over 6,500 people visit the Hearts & MindsSM website and read more than 24,000 articles.

More than 8.5 million visitors have downloaded over 32 million articles.  Visitor traffic keeps growing.

Addressing vital social issues, such as poverty, addiction, racism, education, suicide and destruction of the environment, the website - www.change.net - and its web pages fit into two major categories: "Help Yourself" and "Help Others".

Hearts & Minds Global Survival CampaignSM (GSC) began September 2006 to even more directly address terrorism, poverty and the environment.

These urgent problems are not fully addressed. Any one of these issues could threaten the lives of billions of people and all future generations. Using our slogan You Can Change the World - Here's HowSM, this growing campaign works to inspire, educate and empower the public. We the people can powerfully advocate the most effective solutions.

The first focus of Hearts & Minds' long-term GSC is the End Poverty CampaignSM, a nationwide, grassroots public education and advocacy effort. It works to more quickly help end extreme hunger and poverty worldwide. No other organization has such am ambitious, innovative and achievable platform.

In this and other ways, Hearts & Minds aims to bridge the gap between Americans' willingness to give of themselves and their ability to direct that energy toward those who need the most help.

Although 44% of American adults volunteer each year - the equivalent of more than $280 billion worth of paid man-hours* - inefficiency, incomplete information and inertia are significant barriers to effectively using people's full potential.
*Source: Independent Sector, 2005 estimates

"It’s not that Americans don’t care - we're avid volunteers and donors. The problem is that we don't always get to the root of problems. Children are still hungry. People are still poor," explains Hearts & Minds Founder and President, Bill Blackman. "I’d like our efforts to be as effective as possible. Hearts & Minds helps people find where the greatest needs are, so they can direct their efforts to making a real difference."

For Blackman, that means making information easier to access and more accurate.  Hearts & Minds works to make the most effective information and activities as easy and accessible as possible.

The Hearts & Minds website is a comprehensive portal with more than 900 direct links and reviews of, local, national and international nonprofit organizations. The site also contains more than 600 web pages, including articles, inspiring quotes, personal testimonies and photographs that focus on positive change.

"We’re very ambitious - we want to reach and help as many people as we can," explains Blackman. "By linking people to critical resources, we're a catalyst for positive change."

With the support of a governing board and the help of more than 420 volunteers and interns since 1996, Hearts & Minds continues to expand its services. Plans include nationwide publicity efforts, releasing printed publications, adding additional issues and organizations to the website, plus electronic bulletin boards and chat rooms to facilitate dialogue and the sharing of ideas on a wide range of issues.

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