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Helpful info for potential volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

Below is important information on volunteering and what you can gain here. Please read it and links below completely:

Limits and requirements for some volunteer activities
Except for highly experienced, professional volunteers, we ask most volunteers to average at least 15 hours a week. We may also give preference to those who are volunteering even more, or who are willing to make phone calls or fundraise.

If you’re mostly interested in accounting, let’s talk before you come in to make sure there’s an opening for you here. We don’t usually offer accounting experience except to those with a CPA or at least a year of full-time, paid experience with QuickBooks. Info on how you can call our president is below.

There may also be significant limits to your participation in programming, graphic design*, writing*, art*, video*, photography*, interior design*, carpentry, or if your English is limited.
*If you’re interested in these, please email a few samples as link(s) or attach file(s) directly to Bill's seperate email address.

This web page is important to read now, if you need to do community service.

If any of this applies to you, we strongly recommend that you please speak in advance with Bill Blackman.

Together, we can decide by phone if there's a match with your interests. If not, we'll try to help you find volunteering elsewhere. This may save you a visit to our office. You can call and ask for Bill at 1-212-280-0333.

If you want to work remotely
You can do some activities outside our office. We're happy to talk about this, based on your interests. Just ask.

If you'd like us to give official acknowledgement for remote volunteering, we'll need to know what you're doing with each chunk of hours you'll track. This is on our timesheets you'd use at home and show us periodically. Of course the work has to match the hours reported. That's what our due diligence to "certify" hours requires.

If you live reasonably nearby, we do suggest you consider fairly substantial hours in the office.

You’ll learn more about volunteering here. That web page explains our hours, activities, what you can learn with us and more. It will probably answer most of your questions.

You may be interested in comments from our volunteers.

Meeting us
his additional web page is especially important before we meet. It will help you prepare for an info session with our president, Bill Blackman. That lasts about an hour, including an individual meeting with Bill to see how we can create your best volunteer experience.

The info session is usually Tuesday at 3:00 pm. Is that good? In any case, when would you like to meet with us? Please email or call us at 1-212-280-0333.

If you are not in New York, the info session can be by phone, or our Skype is: greatchange
Phone or Skype must be arranged in advance.

For all
If the info and links above don’t answer questions you still have, our president can answer questions you may have before you come in.

If you haven't done so yet, you can fill out our on-line application now.

Also appreciated: If you haven't sent your resume already, it is helpful to email it* to this email. It is also helpful for us to know what USA phone number or Skype ID (good from anywhere) that you prefer we use to contact you.

*When you email any docs, please send your docs in the email itself or as MS Word 2003 for PCs compatible (.doc, not .docx).

Ways you can help now:

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Please consider a donation.

Thank you!

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