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You can find peace and serenity. Ilha Grande, Brazil

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Inspiring Quotes
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Miscellaneous Helpful Advice
       Using the Internet, job searching, housing, learning languages and more.

Helpful Books
       How to find robust good health, meaning and fulfillment in life. Also specifically on psychology, health and the connection between the two.

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Addiction, Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking
Open Letter to an Addict: Becoming an Ex-Addict
       Practical steps to recovery, better relationships and success in life.

My Recovery
        Personal struggles and victories.

Don't Smoke away Your Life
        How to enjoy a smoke-free life.

Alcoholism’s Effect on Families - It hurts more than just the alcoholic.

Anxiety, Depression and Suicide See also: Mental Health
Thoughts of Suicide and What to Do about It
Fighting the killer within

If You're Depressed or Isolated
A personal letter to you.

Inspiring Quotes on Depression

Anxiety Disorders
        Get your life back on track after an attack.

Depression in Teens
       Causes, symptoms and solutions.

Terrorism and Anxiety

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Domestic Violence
Why it's serious

What you can do about it

Abusive Teen Relationships
        What to do if you're an abusive relationship.

Child Abuse
        Ways to help protect children.

Debt Management
       What to do if you're in debt,

Eating Disorders See also: Food and Mental Health
Overcoming Anorexia - A Hearts & Minds exclusive interview with Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008.

College: A Three Part Series
Surprisingly large expenses and bigger than expected payoff
How to beat some of the high costs
"Jump for Joy" - photo of woman jumping and smiling with joy
Recent developments

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Health See also: Health.
Easy Ways to Better Health
       Steps you can take today

       How understanding its causes can help you.

Overcoming Insomnia
       More restful steps you can take.

Cell Phones
        Best ways to use them.

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Mental Health See also: Anxiety, Depression and Suicide
Art Therapy
       Creative healing: how it works and who can benefit.

Steps to Complete Mental Health
       Improve relationships, overcome depression, and find greater fulfillment.

Can You Benefit from Therapy?
How to know.

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Social Connection
Better Friendships

       To cultivate more fulfilling connections.

Overcoming Shyness
      A guide of steps to overcoming your shyness.

E-mail and Instant Messaging for shy people- Is it really a gift?
An article on how the internet both helps and hurts shy people.

Living with Shyness
A volunteer's personal experience with shyness.

Note: Hearts & Minds works to provide very helpful information, but we cannot guarantee it is necessarily what is best for you. Information and organizations found in this website are for informational purposes only. We strongly recommend that you seek many sources of advice for any major challenge, including this additional important information.

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