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Inspiration, self-help info, support group listings and plenty more

Find fulfillment in many ways - link to inspirational quotesMan's main task in life is to give birth to himself.
    -Erich Fromm

This section can empower you to help yourself or a loved one.

You may start with Inspiration and Motivation including tons of Inspiring Quotes, Ideas, and Personal Stories. There's also  Articles covering a range of personal challenges and information on some influential Books.

There's over 400 Self-Help Links for a wide range of issues, links to other Inspiring Websites (especially for Seniors) and sections on Food and Health.

We have some Humor selected to lift your spirits and get you thinking. Language Learning has links and advice for learning English or other languages.

Each issue of our Free Newsletter includes valuable self-help information. Hearts & Minds' Blog also explores ways to change yourself and the world.

Another great way to help yourself is to Help Others.

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Note: Hearts & Minds tries to provide very helpful information, but we cannot guarantee it is necessarily what is best for you. Information and organizations found in this website are for informational purposes only. We do not have the resources to fully investigate everything. We strongly recommend that you seek many sources of advice for any major challenge, including this additional important information.

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